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Pet Sitting (flexible timeframes)

This type of visit is for when you're occasionally away from your pet(s) for extended periods, such as vacations or business trips.

These visits are generally intended for cats, but are also suitable for other pets whose visit times can be fairly flexible (such as dogs who have access to a yard). If the timeframe in which the visit(s) can be done is wide (within a 3 hour window, for instance), and you don't mind what time the visits are done, then this visit would be appropriate for your pet(s).

Each visit is customized to the needs of you and your pets, and can include:

  • providing fresh food and water
  • playing with, spending quality time, or walking your pet(s)
  • cleaning pet waste from the litter boxes, enclosure, or home
  • administering pet medications, as needed
  • getting mail & newspapers, watering plants
  • opening & closing blinds, turning lights on & off, etc.

One or more visits can be made each day during our normal business hours of 7 am to 9 pm (visits outside of normal business hours can be provided for an additional $5 per visit).

Pricing for this type of visit:

15 minutes - $14.00 *
30 minutes - $21.00
45 minutes - $28.00
60 minutes - $35.00
* Please note: 15 minute pet sitting visits are not offered for pets who are crated during the day.