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Overnight Pet Sitting / House Sitting

$90 per night

(Discounted rate for recurring clients - $70)

With overnight visits, you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing that your pet(s) are being well cared for, and that your home is being looked after. Our Overnight Pet Sitting / House Sitting service is typically from 8 pm to 7 am.

Essentially, we arrive at your house in the evening, care for your pets (and home), stay there overnight to keep your pets company, and then in the morning we do whatever additional tasks are necessary before we leave.

Each overnight visit is customized to the needs of you and your pets, and can include:

  • providing fresh food and water
  • walking, playing with, or just spending quality time with your pets
  • cleaning pet waste from your yard, litter boxes, and/or pet enclosures
  • administering pet medications, as needed
  • getting mail & newspapers, watering plants
  • opening & closing blinds, turning lights on & off, etc.

Please be aware that overnight pet sitting visits generally require at least one to two additional visits to be made during the day (at an additional charge) if your pets are to be left inside and/or crated during the day when we're not there.