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Dog Walks / Potty Breaks

Dog walk / potty break visits help break up your dog's day until you get home from work. They're great if:

  • you can't make it home during the day walk your dog or provide a potty break
  • you have a high-energy dog who requires extra exercise and stimulation
  • you have a dog who can't hold it for more than a few hours (i.e., puppies, or dogs who are old, incontinent, or on medications which increase thirst)

These visits are generally offered Monday to Friday during mid-day hours (9 am to 3 pm).

When done on a regular, recurring basis (3+ visits per week, or 12+ total visits per month), clients receive a discounted rate. Otherwise, the as-needed rate will apply (see below).


  15 minute
30 minute
45 minute
60 minute
Dog Walks / Potty Breaks
$13.50 $20.00 $25.50 $31.00
Dog Walks / Potty Breaks
$14.50 $21.00 $26.50 $33.00

We don't charge an extra fee for additional pets. Our priority is to make sure we can care for each of your pets within the requested visit length. If we believe that we can't provide adequate care within that amount of time, we'll let you know so that we may better choose a visit length that better suits the needs of your pets.