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Dog Walks / Potty Breaks

This type of visit is done on a regular (recurring) basis. Dog Walk / Potty Break visits can help break up your dog's day until you get home from work. They're great if...

  • You can't make it home during the day to let them out or walk them
  • You have high-energy dogs who require extra exercise and stimulation
  • You have a dog who can't hold it for more than a few hours (i.e., puppies, or dogs who are old, incontinent, or on medications which increase thirst)

These visits are generally offered Monday to Friday during mid-day hours (9 am to 3 pm).

A minimum of 12 visits per month are required to receive this rate (otherwise, the applicable Pet Sitting rates apply).

Pricing for this type of visit:

15 minutes - $13.50
30 minutes - $20.00
45 minutes - $26.50
60 minutes - $33.00